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    Avinguda d'Espioca, 77, 46460 Silla, Valencia


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    Job functions of mig mag welder, as well as cutting of material, use of machinery such as radial, grinder…

    General mechanics and preventive checks: lighting control, brakes, suspension, bodywork, pneumatic installation, electrical installation, detecting air leaks, pneumatic installation and valves. Mig mag welds.

    Pre-ITV vehicle preparation. Use of machinery such as radial grinders, grinders, impact machines, riveting machines.

    Check Check and Repair EBS / ABS faults. Intervene on the brake system, carry out repairs or replacement of discs/drums, brake calipers, replacement of suspension elements.

    Monitoring and maintenance of charging and starting systems. Repair and maintenance of the entire electrical system of the semi-trailer. Maintenance and repair of electrical circuits.